We would like to announce the completion of our Hebrew Braille Sefer Torah Project.

You can now lease a Hebrew braille Torah scroll and if you do not know how to read Hebrew braille, we have developed a method to teach you.

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If you would like to contribute to the creation of more scrolls, we are able to accept donations as a nonprofit organization. We will provide you will a contribution letter with all the information you require to use it as a tax exempt contribution. Please connect with the rabbi on the contact page and we will coordinate the arrangements.

Devarim Institute is a nonprofit education research, development, implementation and dissemination organization. Founded in 2007, we are committed to strengthening research about and helping shape better practice in education.

Rabbi Lenny Sarko, creater of these scrolls, also leads a synagogue in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, outside of Pittsburgh. Given the Judaic stress of this latest project, the synagogue has created a number of remote programs and services in order to provide the religious needs of Jewish people who live in remote areas. This includes special programs for the blind and visually impaired. You can communicate with Rabbi Lenny for more information through the contact page on this website or you are welcome to visit the synagogue web site at www.ceigreensburg.org

Devarim Institute brings together both theoretical and applied interests. Devarim Institute specializes in the creation and development of educational programs, and then helps or leads in the application of those programs.

We are committed to finding solutions to some of the most difficult problems. Our organization designs promising new directions, often using blended approaches. We provide technical assistance to not only build better programs but provide directions on how to best deliver those programs.

We have served a large range of fields. This includes:

  • Jewish Education
  • Correctional Education
  • Adult Education
  • Corporate Education
  • Distance Education
  • Community Education

The president of the organization is Rabbi Leonard Sarko. Rabbi Sarko's educational background includes a Masters in Education, a Masters in Jewish Studies, and Rabbinic Ordination. He is familiar with both theoretical and practical applications within the field of education, and that of instructional design. This includes the ability to analyze the way job tasks are conducted, transferring knowledge to an instructional tool and providing a way to assess an instructional program.

Devarim Inc. places together expertise groups for each project based on project needs and directions. Given the background of our staff, we specialize in Jewish educational programming. We have developed many unique programs which have been adapted in a variety of unusual locations.

Current Programs

Devarim Institute is involved in two programs that have just been completed:

  • Braille Sefer Torah
  • Learning Adult Braille Hebrew
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